I do what I do because I love to be around animals and when our local SPCA shelter asked for a few volunteers to take pictures I jumped at the chance. There is no financial gain in this for me.  I have no aspirations of quitting my day job and starting a photography business.  I enjoy my day job and have worked hard to get where I am. This is my diversion once a week from routine.

I have a dog of my own, and perhaps one day more than one. Zoe isn’t much of a camera hound so to her relief, I have directed photographic attention away from her and to the homeless animals of the Roanoke Valley SPCA.  She still gets her special photo days but just not constantly. I think that is OK with her.

As I begin this journey, I know that I am a good photographer.  With practice I can see my photos getter better all the time.  I love the idea that the photo I take might lead someone to their new best friend. When I look into the animal’s eyes I can see the hope they have for their forever homes. It is my hope that I can capture that.

With this blog I hope to document my journey while volunteering at the shelter. If you like these photos and ideas, please share it with others . I really appreciate being Stumbled Upon and Pinned, and am always grateful to those of you that share my ideas on your website.

Volunteering is one of the best and most useful things you can do with your spare time.  Whatever you give expect to receive in love and gratitude. Find your passion and give of your time.

Contact me at ….. klh327@cox.net


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