Sometimes, time can be the biggest commodity around the shelter. Feeding time, potty time, play time ……. Picture time!

Ralphie 1069765-1Today, we had a very shy little boy. We didn’t have many on the list,  so we were able to spend some extra time with Ralphie. At first he hung at Donna’s side and was very apprehensive about everything. But then after many treats, kind soft words and praise, he just became a fun loving little dog.  His tail slowly came out from the tucked position, his head lifted and he figured out quickly that if he paid attention then he would get rewarded.

For us it was so very rewarding to see this little guy blossom and show his true personality. We even got a smile from him, at least I am calling it a smile.

For our part at the shelter, we are usually in the middle of the animal’s process to a forever home. Part of the time we spend with the animals not only gets them their very own glamour shot but also helps ease their time and give them a little distraction from kennel life. When we can see dramatic results it gives us a great deal Ralphie 1069765-8of satisfaction that we have helped this guy in so many ways.

So the take away for today is more for me than Ralphie, remember to take the time that each and every animals needs.  What may only be a few extra minutes to me could mean the world to an animal.

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. What an adorable pup, Erin! And it’s so great of you to help out at the shelter — thank you so much for what you do! 🙂

  2. Some days, I visit the local shelters to walk or play with dogs who have “kennel stress”. It makes my heart hurt to see how scared and unhappy they are, but helps to know that I can ease their burden if only for an hour or two. Wish I had a mansion, and acreage. Then my house would be full of animals who just need a “rest” from the shelter to find their forever families…

    Bless you for the work you do!

    • Socializing the animals is a very important part of day to day life in the shelter, thank YOU for the work you do as well.

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