Black Cat Struggles – Before and After

If seems that I will always struggle with photographing black cats. The lighting is so tricky. Meet Tripper, a VERY loving long-haired black cat. He purred so loudly and moved constantly just to be within our touch.  There was no settling down with this guy. black cat on the move = difficult to photograph

In order to salvage a few of the shots here is one that I worked on in Lightroom.  The before and after tells the story. Usually I try to get the most light on the subjects face and really light up the image just because as they are displayed on the website they tend to darken a bit. By overexposing them slightly I can compensate for that pitfall. In the case of Tripper all that goes out the window.  I think black cats should look like black cats and not like a faded black almost brown/grey cat.


He did have a bit of matted hair under his chin so we brushed him a bit. He really loved the brush and it brought up a good bit of dander, typical for this time of the year. We knew better but he really just wouldn’t let us stop. That is one of the tips previously on this blog. For loose hair and dander on cats use a damp paper towel to rub down instead of brushing out.  The brushing will only bring up more flakes. So since we didn’t use the paper towel technique I touched up alot of spots in Lightroom. It really made the difference.

You can see the other adjustments I made as well. Tone, exposure and white balance were the biggest moves.


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