Color Match – Chocolate Brown

In previous post we have talked about backdrops. This week’s session reminded me once again not to underestimate the power of the correct backdrop color. I still find about 3-4 yards of fleece from JoAnn’s does beautifully – doesn’t show wrinkles, and gets tossed in the washer and dryer for the next week. Usually I try to match the eyes but as of late I have shifted towards a more neutral white background.  But this week for after Mary told me I would be photographing a Snowshoe kitty, I immediately wanted to use the dark chocolate brown.

Theo 981110-7

Theo is a beautiful loving snowshoe kitty with stunning dark blue eyes and a definite shyness of the camera. It was difficult to get him to look directly into the camera, so I went for the soulful reflection. His dark brown to tan Snowshoe markings just popped off the background. The shades of brown were complimented with the background. This combination just makes me melt. Slowly I might becoming more of a cat lady, just don’t tell Zoe.

The main tip I want to get out here, if I can pause long enough to stop gushing over Mr. Theo, is to let the background work for you. Either match the accents in the fur or the eye color. This will help coordinate your photos and give them a professional boost.


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