As an Architect I have heard and used the word Vignette for quite some time but it may be a little unfamiliar to some of you. So here is my definition as it applies to both Architecture and Photography. When helping clients see the full picture of a project a Vignette is a little portion of the project showing one particular view usually an interior view. This helps the client see how the room will look when it is completed.  In photography, a vignette is an overlay applied during processing that darkens the edges of the photo and spotlights the center. It too helps us to see the subject.  I have started using these especially when I have a centered (or mostly centered) furry face. It really makes the face pop!

Here is beautiful Rosalie on a very strong tie dye green backdrop.  I don’t use this backdrop often because it is so strong but occasionally I love to pull it out for a change of pace.


The white balance helped to compensate against the green overcast then the addition of the vignette it darkened back down the corners and created the “hole” or ring in the center to let Rosalie shine through. Those eyes are so captivating!

Vignettes are subtle but a very strong way to direct attention to the subject.

Rosalie 967305-1


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