Brittany Charlotte Evolved

BC-1Quite, timid and plastered to the very back of the cattery is exactly how I first found Brittany Charlotte. Actually she was peering out of her position of safety in her litter box. She was scared. Note the flat ears. No way was she anxious to come out to meet any humans. They were the evil ones that had put her here. I had not seen a cat become so small in its attempt to disappear.

Brittany Charlotte 949607-3

Quietly, I opened the cage and just stood there, watching and waiting. Things got quiet around me and I softly began to talk to her. I had her attention but still she wasn’t leaving her safe spot. After quite some time and an unusual amount of patience on my part, Brittany moved from her litter box to investigate her food that I was beginning to play with and offer to her. She took some food from my fingers. She let us pet her and seemed to really like the attention but wasn’t ready to come out for glamour shots just yet. I got a few of her stretching and moving inside her cattery. With some creative post processing they were at least good enough to send to the website.

Attempts to pull her from her cattery were met with a very low growl. She was making progress so we felt it best to leave her were she was for that day. She had done well to trust us enough to get out of her litter box.  Sometimes it is the smallest steps that start us on our way.

Brittany Charlotte -2

Two weeks passed as I had work commitments that kept me from my regular shelter schedule. This past week was a full week but I had Brittany Charlotte on my mind. She deserved a real glamour shot and if she was still there we would try again. I swung by her cattery and she was still there. Up high still peering out but at least not in her litter box. A very small bit of coaxing she leapt down to say hi and insisted that she be properly scratched and stroked.

We moved her to the kitty studio box and began photographing. She did beautifully and her big light green eyes just ate up the camera. This kitty could have been easily overlooked back in the rear of her cattery. But with more gentle and kind human interaction she will be a perfect cat for her future family. Beautiful sweet kitty back on the track to trusting humans again.



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