Catch Light

Really getting up close and personal with the animals can yield some interesting results.  Most Wednesday nights I sit in front of my computer editing the shots from earlier in the day. I see so many different expressions and looks from each animal.  Sometimes it is hard to decided which ones to make public.

Marlo-1Catch light is the glint of light making the eye sparkle and giving a human quality to the subject matter. For the cats I usually see the reflector lamps in their eyes.  For the dogs outside, I can see the sun/light source. ….. and sometimes I can see myself.  When I get these reflective shots, I often wonder what in the world the animals must be thinking.

The presence of catch light makes the animals more realistic.  The absence will give an evil almost sinister effect.

This was a perfect picture day for Marlow’s session. He is a wonderful border collie mix with a great temperament and just one of those dogs that completely amazes me as to why he is still at the shelter. He has been at the shelter for a few months. I just can’t understand why someone hasn’t snapped this guy up. So here is one great dog just waiting for his perfect family to come find him. I have hope that he goes home soon.


2 thoughts on “Catch Light

    • Thank you for the kind words. Taking pictures, especially of the animals, is my motivation to stay sane each and every week.

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