Neela 956611-5This is Neela. She was found as a stray nursing her kittens to the point she was putting her own health in jeopardy. The dedication of animals never ceases to amaze me. This kitty is one very loyal kitty.

She is doing great now, eating well and is ready to be adopted to her forever home. During her photo session she was distracted, edgy and quite nervous. She wanted nothing to do with feathers or other teaser type props that can be used to coax a nice photo from most kitties. Knowing that she was recently separated from her kittens, I gave her this crazy green stuffed gorilla. She immediately took it and loved on it as if it were alive. The stuffed toy served as her replacement for those kittens. She calmed down forgot about us and the lights. We were able to grab a few “normal” shots but the ones of her scenting up the gorilla are by far my favorites. She looks as if she has unfinished business and is setting to her task.

The stuffed toy was just what Neela needed on that day to help her calm down. Being able to read your animal is part of the lesson here. It isn’t always easy to know exactly what they need. My suggestion is try to understand what they have been through and just do whatever works. After her session we put her back in her cattery and yes the gorilla went too.



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