Does this cat look flawed to you?

Kia 894485-2

No? of course not….. Kia is a lovely petite playful silver tabby. She however is going to need a special forever home to live her days. She is FeLV positive. That means that she has tested positive for Feline Leukemia, in common terms Feline Aids. Strays can easily come in contact with another positive kitty while out on their own.  Through a bite, grooming behaviors and shared food and water bowls. The Feline Leukemia can be spread from cat to cat. Kia has been tested positive for this disease.

Her special family will need to make her the center of their world. I think she will be great with that concept. She needs to be the only cat in her home.

During her photo session she was a delightful kitty.  She wanted nothing more than the touch a human. She is lovely and sweet. The FeLV label will make alot of people look past her sweet demeanor and quickly make assumptions about her.

Here are some facts about living with an FeLV kitty:

  • 2-3% of cats in the United States carry the virus at any given time
  • FIV cats most often live long, healthy, and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.
  • the virus was only discovered 15 years ago, much is still being learned about it.
  • FeLV cannot be spread to humans or dogs.
  • the virus CAN be spread to other cats so it is important that she be the queen of her castle.
  • about 70% of cats who encounter the virus are able to resist infection or eliminate the virus on their own.

How long will Kia live? The simple answer….. depends. It is very likely that she will enjoy a good life as long as her forever family does all they can (regular 6 month vet visits, keep her inside, gives her daily doses of love) to keep her healthy and feeds her a healthful diet. It is possible that her life expectancy will be shorten because of the infection. The virus attacks the immune system much like the human form of aids.

Are you the right forever family for Kia?


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