a matter of convenience

Recently a friend has been making noise concerning his dog.  Up until now his dog has been a constant companion in his small but trendy bachelor pad, at times his only friend that would listen to him. Now that his life is taking a different turn in matters of the heart and his dog is no longer convenient   He is seeking a new home for the dog through various means. While I have only met the dog personally once, I do know that a small apartment with little exercise, regular routine or training is no kind of life for any animal.

….and it got me thinking.

Marlo 937591-4When I am at the shelter, it is easy to forget that the dogs have had a previous world of which I know nothing.  Probably best that way.  I tend to get very emotionally charged over bad situations of helpless animals.  As I look over the list of animals to photograph for the day there is usually a ST or an OR after each name.  ST means stray and OR means owner release.  I am equally amazed at how the animals can survive either situation.  I have seen some very small and defenseless animals come over as strays.  Small miracles.

Then I see some of the ORs.  The reasons I hear are absurd and overly common.  Basically very similar to my friend’s situation as previously mentioned.  They were cute and small when they were puppies and now that I haven’t spent any time training them they; pee on the floor, bite the mailman, fill in the blanks.  It is all the same to me – lame and resting entirely on the shoulders of the owners.  The worst one I heard was that the Realtor told them to get rid of the dog in order to sell the house.  I do not understand the kind of people that would listen to such drastic advice. Sounds like it would have been time to get a new Realtor to me.

So what is the moral of this story?  Please before you open your home to an animal please be sure that you are ready for the commitment. Dogs are many things usually not convenient. They will depend on you for everything- food, water, health care, grooming, entertainment, education and most importantly love.  When you are ready to be their everything then you are ready to receive one of the greatest joys in life – unconditional love.

………. jumping to present day.

It has taken me a while to finish this post. Sometimes things just have to simmer to understand their meaning. As life has progressed, I am happy to report that the original friend in the beginning of this post has followed his heart and found his home out of his bachelor pad. The best part is that his dog was welcomed into the new arrangement and the new happy family is thriving. Situations change and dogs are adaptable. While moving with a dog may require a bit more planning the satisfaction of a happy family can not be underestimated.

Endnote: Marlo, pictured here is available for adoption today. He is not part of the story above. He is just a handsome guy looking for his own happy family.


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