the Worried Dog

CopperMeet Copper, he is a worried dog. A very gentle sweet dog but very worried.  Not sure of the circumstances that brought him to be on the Wednesday list for available dogs, but I can sense that today is better than days before in his world. Copper was hanging out in one of the staff offices, so he was separated from the regular kennel.  I met him well before his session. I think this helped because I had already greeted him with warm strokes and soft tones.

We became fast friends almost instantly. It always helps to have a little bacon treat scent on your hands too. 😉 I usually keep treats in my pocket for the ultimate in dog attention-getting.

He came across the parking lot still unsure but willing to get out of the shelter for a walk. His handler doing great to keep him at a regular even pace. Sometimes approaching dogs can be a nice action shot but I wanted to reassure Copper that this would be a good thing. So I pulled the camera away from my face and he seemed to recognize me. The camera can be a scary thing for some animals. To them it must seem like a big reflective eye staring back and making crazy whirring and clicking noises. A few strokes and soft words went a long way with this dog.


Looking through the viewfinder, his worried expression just about broke my heart. His soulful eyes searching for whatever bits of comfort and reassurance he could find were speaking to me. After a few minutes of snapping photos he seemed to relax and his true spirit came through.  By the end of the session we had the pictures we needed. Just look a t the difference between a very unsure Copper and a more confident Copper. I think he actually has a slight smile on his sweet fuzzy mug.

Hoping this sweet boy finds his new home this weekend!


One thought on “the Worried Dog

  1. Hi, love your blog and always enjoy visiting you. Hope this dog finds his own forever home very soon.
    Thank you so much for joining Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and hope you’ll join in each week, so we can get to know you better.
    The latest Thankful Thursday iBlog Hop is now open.
    Hugs :=o)

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