Burst Mode of Action

I love to shoot in burst mode. Especially when the kitties are playing. A thing on a string and rapid fire photos. I can’t usually tell too much what I am getting and there isn’t much time to slow down during the sessions.  But sure enough during the editing I find gems, like this one of Herbie just having a good ole kitty cat time. Just look at his concentration and focus! No wonder he was snapped up shortly after these photos were taken. He never made it up on the website.

Herbie 942203-3The hardest part is getting the focus on the subjects eyes and not the toy. That part takes a little practice and a bit of luck. I recommend running the shutter speed up a bit and letting the camera do the work. Getting a the action to pause is key. At least 1/60 shutter speed is necessary to avoid camera shake and higher to catch the action without blur. Yes you will get lots of shots that aren’t worth a hoot but then the one that can not be planned or set up will emerge.  The  wild beast that rests in all kitties will come out.

Here is where you can be glad that the output is digital. Shots with the toy in front of the animal’s face, burred photos, shots with half an animal can all easily go into the delete bin. The one keeper will be worth the extra time.


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