White Blue or White Yellow

When editing photos the White Balance controls, it can be a matter of personal preference. A very slight adjustment on Zoey‘s winter time outdoor shot gives the warmth that will show her in the best light. I have included the basic control panel so you can see just how small of a step I have taken with this photo.

The temperature is only +2 to the yellow side but it makes a huge difference in greening the little bits of grass and pulling her blue hue down just slightly. Her official color is blue and white but to my eye it isn’t as pleasing as the warmed up photo on the right. Personal preference.

White fur can be one of the most challenging colors.  A nudge of the temp control can reverse the dingy yellows or tone down the blue hues often found in white fur. The temp control helps with not only the white fur but also with the black furry friends. Black fur can tend to pull to the blue side, especially when clarity is applied.

Use the temp controls in moderation cause a little truly does go a long way.



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