President’s Day Salute to Fala

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn honor of President’s Day, here is a photo from the archives of a presidential dog. Here I am with my sweet Miss PittyPat (Atlanta Humane Rescue) in front of FDR’s dog Fala. This was taken on a summer day in 2002 at the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC. The Fala statue is a larger than life Scottish Terrier and scared Miss P a bit. She barked herself silly before we could show her that it wasn’t a real dog. The tourist crowd and park ranger got quite a kick out of her determine stance against the benevolent statue.

This is one of those DC memorials that gladly welcomes well behaved pets. Miss P pushed the limit that day but remain a participant in our vacation travels. She made the trips we took with her that much more memorable  Miss PittyPat has since crossed the rainbow bridge, but this beautiful day remains a favorite memory that I wanted to share on this President’s Day over a decade later. Fala has quite the history as a presidential pooch. FDR took Fala on many presidential trips and really made this little dog part of the family too.

I wonder if Fala understood the magnitude of his service as presidential dog or if it was all the same to him as long as he got to be with his people. Just like Miss PittyPat here she wanted nothing more than to be with her person …. me.


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