Every week at the shelter I get a list of animals to be photographed. The list is in no particular order, other than separated into cats, dogs, bunnies, or whatever fine fur baby is waiting for that day. In order for the shelter to be able to learn a bit more about each and every animal we make little notes on our list that helps them write the little stories about the animals.


Sometimes we have a day like this past Wednesday, dreary, rainy and grey. Several cats were just not in the mood to have anyone pull them out of their cages and go through a glam photo session. I understand how they feel. It was a good day to just curl up and be left alone. Sometimes we will skip a particular cat on the list and come back to them in a few minutes, hoping for a better attitude. Since we jump around on the list I have learned to always number the animals. This helps me later in processing the photos. Most of the animals I remember, but it helps to have them numbered in the order that I took them.



This past Wednesday we had two tabbies back to back that looked very different to me during the shoots. Melody, a shy petite female brown tabby and then Calvin, a fun loving male grey tabby.  In person these two cats were completely different. So I didn’t even think to grab a separating shot in between the two.  Usually when there are back to back cats ( and some times puppies) that are hard to distinguish during the preview process, I shoot a simple one frame out the window just to be able to pick out the break between the two animals. It just makes it easy to keep the animals separated during processing.

Here you can see the differences but during previews it is hard to see. One will flow directly into the next. I suggest using a separating frame to help speed up your processing flow.


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