Leash or no leash

I was asked about leashes in the photos last week. Rest assured that each and every dog is leashed with a reliable collar and leash every time we walk outside the shelter’s secured/fenced areas. But having that leash in the picture can distract from the animal. So I make every attempt to remove said leashes and sometimes even a stray handler.


Here is Charisma, she had a red leash with a cute hot pink collar. to me the colors are jarring together and take away from this sweet girls face. My eye goes straight to the red leash. So a few simple spots with the clone and heal tool in Lightroom and the leash is gone.   In true OCD form, I wish I had taken just a moment more with this and not taken such a chunk out of the handlers leg.  Is it a crease in her jeans? maybe? maybe not? probably not after I stare at it too long, but I try very hard not to obsess over these things. Looking at the photos side by side it is obvious, but cover up the before photo and it isn’t a big deal at all.  Look closely and you can even see the tell tale signs of the tool and a little bleed over onto Charisma’s left ear. Again these are fast fixes, and I am trying not to obsess.

Also the white levels were brightened a bit to really show off Charisma’s beautiful color.  And those eyes needed absolutely no touch ups.  Intense and pure.

The last bit of self critique that I will do tonight is that I could have taken the loose part of the collar behind her neck out as well. This would have been a bit more delicate so as not to take a chunk out of Charisma herself. One simple way to overcome some of the small issues I had with this leash removal would have been to reduce and vary the size of the clone/heal tool as I worked the removal. By varying the size you can help eliminate the telegraphing effects.

In the end I hope that it is Charisma’s eyes that hold your attention and draw you to her.


4 thoughts on “Leash or no leash

  1. It made A LOT of difference to remove that leash. I would not have thought it would matter much without seeing them side by side. The eyes go directly to her eyes in the second photo.

  2. I think the main reason it does that is that in the before photo the red leash leads your eye right off the page. I think it makes a big difference too!

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