Different Day for Panda Girl

DSC_0236Meet panda girl! She is a beautiful dark tabby with lots of fluff on her.  I first meet this gorgeous girl when she first came into the shelter. She was scared, shy and no way was about to have her picture taken. She was inconsolable  When an animal is that stressed and confused we just let them be. Quietly put them back in their cage and move along. No amount of calming words and gentle stroking had much effect on her, so back she went.  I manged to snap a few shots, maybe 8 or so and this was all I got.

Luckily the Tuesday photographer was able to get some better shots and her profile was at least not scary. So you can imagine my surprise when during the following week’s visit to the shelter, I look into the adult cat room and see Panda Girl perched high on the cat post thingy as if she was ruling over her subjects. Relaxed, sweet and still fluffy and very much loving the camera. I stood there in amazement at how different this cat was from just the week prior. I could not help myself, I just had to snap a few of this sweet kitty.  I felt as if I owed her something. She posed, turned and cat-torided for me. She still had a grumpy little expression but the eyes were so different. They were inviting and led me to look past her pussed pout.


What this reminded me was that like humans we all have bad days. The changes in her life were just a little too much for Panda Girl to handle that first day. But once she settled in and ruled over the peasants in the cat room her world was at least tolerable. So if you don’t get the picture you want for a particular animal try another day. It can make a world of difference.


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