Be the Change Blog Challenge

What have you done to Be the Change for Animals?

Consistency. I think that would be the number one thing that I personally do each and every week for the animals. Honestly , it is for myself as well. By actively participating as a photography volunteer at the Roanoke Valley SPCA, I give myself that break from the normal routines of the week and a photographic outlet to stretch my artistic mind. I have been at the shelter once a week with the exception of about 3 or 4 weeks since November of 2010. I love being a part of the rescue process for so many wonderful and beautiful animals. It truly thrills me when I can witness an adoption and the eventual walk out the door to a new life.

cage-1What I have learned is that there is an endless stream of lost and unwanted animals. It breaks my heart to look so deeply  into the animal’s eyes and see the hope of a loving home. Those that have known kindness previously in their little lives and for a variety of circumstances find themselves homeless and those that have never known warmth and kindness from humans. Those precious souls don’t give up on finding the right home and show it each time someone new walks by their kennels. Mostly the dogs, the cats are a little more reserved. But even the stoic kitties will extend a paw through their cage just to grab a piece of human attention. They just want to be loved and touched.

Photography is sometimes more than just getting the perfect shot. It is about calming down an anxious animal, allowing a dog to get the zoomies out, and just being another human contact for the animals. The more exposures that the animals have to different people the more likely they are to be able to bond quickly with their future families.

This blog is my attempt outside of my local shelter to help pay forward the knowledge I have learned and continue to learn so that others may improve their own local shelters. A bad photo will get overlooked and a good photo can make the difference.


9 thoughts on “Be the Change Blog Challenge

  1. Thank you for joining #BtC4A and for your wonderful work photographing shelter pets. I’ve seen the difference a great photograph can make in capturing the attention of a potential adopter. But what I like best is how you also take advantage of the opportunity to give the pets a little attention and love while on your job. Thank you for what you do!
    Peggy Frezon
    Team BtC4A

  2. Sharing a professional skill to help your local shelter…and using that time to also connect and share love with the dogs and cats you are photographing…all I can say is “Bravo”. Keep up the great work! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of animals.

  3. You are right, sometimes the first step to helping out is capturing a good image of the animal in question. There was an article I read about how adoptions went up dramatically when the shelter started using photos from a professional photographer and not just a quick point and shoot pict that one of the shelter workers took.

  4. Thank you for participating in Blog the Change Day and for the work you do in helping homeless animals find a forever home. A good profile photo really does make a difference, and your willingness to share your time and talent is a wonderful gift. Keep up the good work!

    Vicki Cook
    Team BTC

  5. Isn’t it amazing just how much we receive when we do something to help animals? They definitely give back, and it’s a kind of wonderful everyone should experience.

    Kudos to you for giving of your time and talent. You’re so right, the photo can make all the difference for a homeless pet!

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas
    Team BtC4A

  6. The photography is so important! I’ve seen terrific dogs skipped over because of a lousy picture, and one of my own fosters was adopted because of a sweet shot of him snuggling on our couch. His family fell in love on the spot. Thanks so much for all that you do! Love from HRVA.

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