The Feather Boa

Boas-1As far as props go, I absolutely love a colorful feather boa for kitties and some of the smaller older pups. They come in a multitude of colors, feathers and fluffiness. We have collected quite the range of colors to choose from. My favorite place to pick them up is JoAnn‘s, they always have many to debate over. They are the easiest prop that we use and the cats just go wild over them.

I like to softly drape the feather boa once around the back of the neck. Some cats will freeze but most are totally like – “hey! wha tha? fluffy?…. oooohh.”  Once the exploration is over and I can get the right look from the cats, what I get is a photo that literally explodes off the screen. I get a cat in full joy plus just a little pop of color in the background. With the f-stop down to 1.8, the bokeh action takes over and it is just a thing of beauty.

Another great feature about using boas is the storage.  One big plastic zip top and we are done. All the soft stuff goes in one bag.  It looks like we might be ready for two bags very soon. But pictured you can see our boas and leis in the clear bag.  I can see the cat in the studio box and quickly look at the color that is going to enhance the cat’s fur the best.
Greys – soft pink, most any pastel
Calicos – Chartreuse, black, white
Tabbies – most anything – truly a versatile colored kitty
Black – black, multi, red, anything deep and rich in color
White – Turquoise blue
Alot of times I try to match the eye color of the kitty.  the extra color can really show it off. That is what I did for Happy pictured here. At first I had an emerald-green boa and it just wasn’t working then the Chartreuse just sang. Happy was just that a happy kitty just glad to be getting some attention and working the camera. So I highly recommend throwing in a few low-cost feather boas in your arsenal of props.

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