power of pictures

Yazmen 923679-5Sometimes I do forget just how important the photos of the animals can be. A few weeks ago, I was standing in the lobby of the RVSPCA when a very sincere woman walked in holding a piece of paper. Printed from her home computer was a photo of one of the adoptable dogs. She almost had tears in her eyes and looked at me with a clenched fist holding the photo tightly and said ” I have come to get my dog”. I thought that maybe she had come in the wrong door and had seen her dog on the lost and found animals and was coming back to claim them.

Nope, she was here to adopt Rusty and sweet little red dog. She had fallen head over heels with this dog’s photos. I could see the determination in her. Knowing that most people do not adopt the dog they see on the website. As a matter of personalities and behavior. It is just hard to understand which dog will make the vital connection that forms a lasting bond. I tried to explain to her to not be disappointed if it turned out that Rusty wasn’t the dog for her and that there were lots of other dogs to meet.  She pretty much ignored me. 🙂 She meet, bonded and adopted Rusty in a matter of minutes.

It just showed me that photos can bring forward very strong feelings. Getting the shot with the animals looking directly into the camera can be difficult but can also make all the difference.  Rusty is likely a very spoiled and pampered pooch right now, but here is a current homeless sweetie. Pictured is Yazmen, she is giving me her best good dog pose.  She is currently seeking her perfect match for a forever home.


3 thoughts on “power of pictures

  1. Photos can definitely get someone in the door of the shelter. I know, because that’s how I found and chose my dog. I saw her picture, I went in to meet her, and that was all it took. 🙂 Hopefully Yazmen’s family finds her soon too.

  2. Hi, I am the editor-in-chief for the online newspaper Roanoke-Salem Star. We are a newspaper like no other because we are all about inspiration, creativity, ambition, passion, and dreams. We seek stories about those who want to make a difference and those who make a difference in everyday lives. I came upon your website through a Facebook link. We “liked” the RVSPCA page. I am impressed by your work and I know your pictures are making a difference to get these precious animals a forever home. Thank you for the work you are doing and I hope you will consider doing an interview with us. Please contact me by email. If you have a Facebook page, please let us know. We would love to stay in touch and to partner with you in finding these animals loving families.

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