At the ready

I have noticed that more often than not the first shot of a series is the best.  I have been thinking about this alot the last few days after seeing a delightful series on a Facebook photographer friends status and here is what I have decided.

Mostly dogs are unsure of the camera.  Some just don’t let the little things bother them so they aren’t scared by the big black box with the shiny eye staring back at them.  But most others are. Knowing this the best advice I can give is be ready.  Camera on, correct setting and just go.  When I get a dog that is particularly curious I just keep snapping and ever so slightly move my body closer to the subject.  I usually see one of two reactions – either a curious turn to unsure to looking away or a big wet nose print on the lens. Neither is the look that we are going for.  So be ready and be patient.

We finally did get a good one or two of Miss Morgan…. you can check her out here.


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