The time we spend with the animals depends completely upon the animal.  Long lists of animals to be photographed and limited time tends to keep us moving from one subject to the next. But then there is always one, at least one… a bit shy, still scared from all the procedures, newness, noise and now this big ol reflective eye staring at me making funny noises. Sassy took a little more time and coaxing but once the boas came out so did her inner diva.

In Sassy’s case, the “props” helped soften her anxiety down a bit. Boas are great because there is no size, easy on off and they can be used for the right dog or cat. I have a good arsenal of colors for the right combinations.

Sassy is a 5-year-old Chihuahua mix. I would like to think that she had a good time and was able to forget about where she was for 15 minutes or so. Once the animals can relax a little, their personality shines. She even looks a little sassy.


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