Meet Sophie a super sweet, galumphing lover of a pit bull.  From across the play yard she runs full at you to get up close and personal. It just gave me the impression of the Bandersnatch (the good one from the end not the beginning) from “Alice in Wonderland”. Pit bulls are such a misunderstood breed that most would gasp a little at the full throttle of this dog. But once in proximity she is sweet and like everything else in this world, JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED.

For photographing this dog, like so many other the absolute best face shot is with their ears up. Her first photo shoot she was a bit distracted and getting a good shot of her was tough. But by the second shoot she had learned so much patience thanks to the great volunteers and staff that have worked with her, it was like a different Sophie had emerged. This princess had learned alot in short order.

Today is Pit Bull Awareness Day, go check her out and perhaps you will have a new bestie by the end of this day. Check out her feature on WDBJ 7 this morning.


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