How did I get here?

How did I get here is the question that I think most dogs, cats and other furry friends at the Roanoke Valley SPCA must ask themselves. I certainly do. Some dogs have wanderlust in their eyes. They will stare longingly out the window as if all their prayers would be answered if they could only be running up the road. Those dogs still have found the joy and comfort of a loving home. Once it finds them, they realize that is the good life and what ever is up the road can wait.

Then there are dogs like Atlas, Stella or even Hana Li. Atlas and Stella are both wonderful dogs that deserve loving forever homes. No good reason either one of these dogs is still available other than their perfect family hasn’t come to get them yet. (that is another post for another day)  Atlas shakes,

sits, and knows commands, he is a good boy. Stella is a little sad but still lights up when she sees a familiar face and loves to give soft snuggly kisses. I suspect that she is lap dog at heart.

And this week I got to meet my first AKC registered dog that came through the shelter doors. It is amazing to me that you can adopt a pedigreed dog. Even more fitting that October is adopt a shelter dog month. Hana Li is a Japanese Chin, and one of the calmest little dogs I have photographed.You can tell that she is a but confused but like a well to do lady having recently fallen on hard times she still maintains her dignity. She knows her commands and performs them perfectly, but mostly she wants to be a lap dog.

I don’t know how she got here other than her owner released her to the Roanoke Regional Center for Animal Control. I do know she won’t be available for long. I am glad that I got the chance to meet her and help her along her way to her forever home.


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