routine meets Jewel

Please meet Jewel, she is an energetic sweet girl that taught me today that routine isn’t all it cracked up to be.  Here she is having a blast with the water hose. Capturing the pure joy in this dog is so special.

Usually we get the dogs to sit, stay and then we snap away. Some dogs have hidden talents or tricks that we try not to miss. A few know shake, lay or will even jump up into our arms. These dogs have had someone at some time in their lives that loved them enough to teach them these special talents.

About halfway through Jewel’s photo session, we pulled out the water hose to wash down the deck. And she knew exactly what to do.  Ran full speed into the stream of water, drank from it, spun in it and danced with it. It was a joy to watch on a gloomy day.

So the short lesson here is while it is good to be prepared and get those doggies in their best “good dog” pose, always be ready and open to a change of pace. Let the animals show you what they can do. In turn, they will give you an unpredictable photo that shows their personality.


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