Ella – Cats in Hats

Meet Ella, she is our latest model for the Cats in Hats series.  She is available now at the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

I love social media for many reasons, one reason is that you can get instant feedback good and bad. On one recent post a gentleman criticized my use of props on the kitties. In his opinion he wondered how in the world putting a hat on a cat could possibly help in finding a forever home. Luckily, I have thick skin and it made me giggle a bit because his opinion was not far from my own before I started volunteering at my local shelter.  When I first started volunteering at the shelter, I was handed bags of crazy hats, scarves, glitter bobs and what-have-yous. I thought ” how in the world putting a hat on a cat could possibly help in finding a forever home”.  As time progressed and I have grown closer to the animals each and every week, it has become clear to me that getting the animals noticed is the name of the game.  It is my main purpose and goal.  I want a picture that not only communicates the look of the animals but also shows a little of their personality.  Pretty much if you see a decent picture (like Miss Ella here) of a cat in a hat then rest assured that is one good animal – cat or dog. They have the patience to allow me to put some crazy get up on them and then actually wait a beat, before they shred it, in order for me to snap a picture or two.

The real why behind why I do it…. I will do anything to draw attention to the animals of the Roanoke Valley SPCA. They are loving animals that deserve a perfect home.  If a crazy hat draws the extra glance or a fluffy boa adds that splash of color to causes someone to say – “hey that could be my cat”, then so be it.

So back to Miss Ella, she is gorgegous to look at to begin with. Those stunning eyes and sleek tuxedo markings are enough on their own.  But doesn’t that hat just make you look just a moment more?


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