Sasha – Black Dog Photography

Friday, September 9th is Black Dog Appreciation Day.  Here is Sasha, this week’s adoptable black dog from the Roanoke Valley SPCA.  Sasha is a cutie that will make a lucky family very happy.

Black Dog Appreciation Day set for September 9th sets the spotlight on black dogs in shelters as they are usually the last to be adopted and often looked over. Sometimes it is just because the online photos can be hard to see. When photographing a black dog there are some very important rules of thumb to keep in mind whether you are photographing at your local shelter or your own black dog beauty.

Lighting is the most single important aspect of black dog photography. Diffused light such as this photo’s cloudy day or a shaded area will yield the best results. This helps the highs and the lows of the photo stay a little closer together. Harsh direct sunlight will create hard shadows that will lose the subjects features.

A contrasting non cluttered background helps to distinguish the subject. Here the late summer grass frames Sasha nicely. A painter’s cloths draped over walls, plain light concrete or solid light-colored wall also work well. Keeping the background simple lets your subject shine.

Black dogs are cool beautiful creates. So follow these two simple rules and help let their true color shine.


One thought on “Sasha – Black Dog Photography

  1. Lovely photo! We’re actually doing a Comment-A-Thon on our blog in conjunction with the Back in Black Adoption Event, and we’d love it if you’d stop by and leave us a comment. We’re doing a random drawing and the winner will receive a $100 donation in their name to the rescue group or shelter of their choice.

    LOVE your blog!

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