This is my birth weekend so pretty much anything I want I get. I have been so touched by recent stories of young adults asking for donations for RVSPCA instead of new Wiis or ipods for their birthdays. What I wanted today was for Matt to come with me to the shelter to help me with the photos. He was happy to go and did just great with the dogs and even a few of the kittens. Sometimes we just have to be asked. He got to experience first hand what I go through when I walk through those doors. Here he is being  the backdrop for sweet little Sam. Sam clung to him, gave him kisses in his beard and was content to sit with him while I snapped away.

It is my secret hope that Matt will want to go back more and walk the dogs.  The majority of the employees, walkers and volunteers are women.  At some point it has got to have an effect on the animals.  Having men around helps them adjust to all people, men and women alike.  Sam was a little shy of Matt at first but quickly warmed up to him.  After we got our photos and played a bit, Matt was the one to carry him back to his kennel.

Matt’s few hours today helped me. It is my hope that the pictures we took today will help the doggies and kitties find their homes thorough the website.

Sam wasn’t posted up there as of this writing but if he doesn’t get adopted over the weekend he will be up there next week. (I bet he doesn’t make it to the website – he is a sweetie pie.  He will be snatched up quickly.)

Our little bit of time goes a long way toward the community we live in. Volunteerism not only helps the organization and its benefactors but it helps me. The pure selfish rewards from the act are ten fold. I always feel like I get more that I give. I am so grateful that they like what I do and keep having me back.

So whatever it is that makes you happy, gets you excited or is worthwhile in your life, find the community organization and give a little time.  It means so much.


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