Cats in Hats

If you ever see a photo of an animal in a hat, then rest assured that is one good kitty or doggie.  It takes a special animal to put up with my silly dress up antics.  And if the animal is unwilling, I don’t even try. I would never pull out any of my photo props for a stressed or scared animal. A picture of a pissed off cat is no good for getting them home.  I also enjoy keeping my flesh attached to my body.  Patience, willingness to try new things, and an overall good temperament are prerequisites to get a cat in a hat.  But just how do I get some of those cats to pose in hats?

Here is a filmstrip of sweet Mabel. Good Kitty! She let us put a straw cowboy hat on her for a brief second. Here is a look at how we do it.

Number one, have an assistant.  This just won’t work well by yourself.  Have the right apparel for the right sized animal, too big or too small isn’t going to work either.  Be ready at the camera, focus, be still, lights in the right place. Then, have the assistant (in this case Miss Bonnie) gently place the hat on the cat’s head from behind. In the filmstrip above….

1 – cat unaware of her cuteness

2- Bonnie gently placing hat on cat’s head

3- Bonnie readjusting further forward on cat’s head

4- Purrfect

5- Sliiiiing – what tha?

Meanwhile be snapping away.  Set your shutter release on continuous and with any luck you will get a keeper that is a little out of the ordinary.


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