Name Game

If you are like me, I have always wondered who in the heck names those animals. The short answer is that they come in with most of those names. Owner releases usually provide the animals with their names.  For me it is helpful when an animals knows its name and responses appropriately. It makes getting that perfect shot just a little easier.

From architecture and apartment management days, I have always thought that the person that names the paint would be a cool job. Irish Rose, Sunrise Mist, Pandemonium Purple ….. too cool. But naming a cat, dog or otherwise furry creature could mean days versus weeks in the shelter. Uniqueness and cuteness count.

Last week I had the honor of naming a rabbit. As I photographed the nameless creature, I tried to think about what was unique and special about this animals. What would describe it best….. skidmark, skids, Pepe le Pew, wait it is a girl….. his girlfriend – Penelope, no still not right. Then I decided that she just looked like someone had dripped ink all over a white rabbit, and so it was Inky.

Meet Inky….. she is available.  ….and you can even rename her.  😉


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