a crazy cat lady’s photo props

I think I have turned into a crazy cat lady. No I don’t own any cats, but I sure enjoy taking pictures of them. And when I go into a store like AC Moore, I find myself roaming the aisle looking for appropriate hats for cats. Scale is a factor. I tell you it is somewhat of an obsession.

In the doll accessory isle I found great hats that were cheap! Felted ones and straw hats that I just can’t wait to use on the right kitty. Speaking of the right kitty, bear in mind that playing dress up isn’t for every cat. It is only the most tolerant and calm kitty that will tolerate a hat even for a shutter second.

I have purchased a few cat hats on Etsy. After seeing them up close, I am going to try my hand at constructing one myself. Everything was in a clearance bin and the hat, flowers and ribbon totaled $4.17 before taxes or coupons. I consider myself a crafty person and this almost constructs itself. I think I will leave the ribbon tied on the hat but loose so I can easily interchange the ribbon for different looks. I will try to use it at this week’s shoot and feature the lucky puss here.


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