One of the best pieces of advice I see over and over again is concerning patience when photographing animals. Most animals aren’t one shot divas.  It takes a lot of frames to get the “one”. Most of the shots get dumped; either they moved, I moved or just plain look unflattering. Hitting the moving target is an exacting science of perfect conditions: cooperation, timing, focus and lighting are all important factors.

Usually in a two hour span, I can blow through around 500 pictures. That covers a dozen animals +/-. I use a 4GB SD card and it can hold about 800 – 1000 pictures.  Last week the list was long and I shot over 1,000 pictures. Had to switch out to the 2GB card to finish up the last pup. That is alot by any standard.  Out of those 1,000 (or so),  there are a few keepers in the batch.

Meet Patches.  He is a keeper for sure. A funny short-legged dog that reminded me of Capt. Jack Sparrow with his black eyeliner and white powdered face in the courtroom scene from On Stranger Tides.

Update:  Patches’ ship sailed into his furever home.  He was adopted 6-21-2011.


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