the kitty color wheel

When I get the list of animals to be photographed, I admit at first it use to mesmerizer me a bit….. tabby, tortie, diluted, tuxedo…. what?  Being a dog person this was a new language.  But after several months and a lot of beginner cat 101 questions, I am beginning to get it.  The part I am also beginning to understand is that unlike dogs, cats have personalities that seems to be tied to their fur color.  It sounds a bit stereotypical as saying that all blondes are dumb or redheads are fiery but there is research out there supporting the claim.

My point here is as you shouldn’t pick out a car based solely on its color, nor should you for a cat. Diluted Calicoes are pretty but do you want a mischievous fun-loving kitty or is a lapcat more your speed?

Each cat is unique and color is only one contributing factor to personality. Do your research and understand which personality is best for you. Do you want a lapcat? or mouser? or perhaps a cat that is independent and doesn’t need your constant attention? or just the opposite? With an average life expectancy of cats being 15 – 17 years with some 20+ years possible. You will probably have your BFFF (best feline friend forever) longer than any old car.

Doodle is up close and personal in this photo. She a 1-year-old diluted calico.

Update:  Doodle was adopted on June 11, 2011.  another happy family


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