black dog

Looking at the available dogs at the Roanoke Valley SPCA for adoption there is one overwhelming similarity, they are mostly black dogs (or at least very dark brown). Black dogs are overlooked for many reasons and seem to take a little longer for the right pet parents to come along. At no fault of the black dog. One might even go so far to say that black dogs are better because they must learn patience and humility.

There are many cool things to that have bucked the superstitions and used the black dog as namesake.  Here are a few of my favorites…..

Black Dog Salvage

Black Dog  by Led Zeppelin

Black Dog Wine

From a photographer’s viewpoint black ( and very dark brown) dogs can be difficult to photograph.  Other than a contrasting background or a splash of color in a bandanna, chew toy, collar or lei, it is best to photograph a black dog out of the direct sunlight. Harsh shadows make black dogs look like black blobs. Their sweet faces get lost, they squint their eyes and detail just gets washed away. Instead get the dog in a shaded area near the edge of sunlight.  This will yield the best results.

This is Oliver. He is playful and energetic and happily wearing his lei. He  is available for adoption.

Update: Oliver was adopted on 5-21-2011! Have a great life Mr Oliver.


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