waltzing Matilda

Looking back through this week’s Roanoke Valley SPCA photos I see (what I consider) an amazing photo.  It isn’t so much due to me, it is this cat’s eyes.  Cat eyes are amazing on their own but Matilda has these crazy opal green eyes.  With the blue fleece background her photo turned out awesome.

…..the back story here is that Matilda would hardly give me the time of day.  Some cats don’t care for the camera at all.  They see it as a big scary reflective eye staring at them and not blinking.  It was difficult to get a clean shot of her.  I have more unusable ones than I care to mention, but one really great one.


2 thoughts on “waltzing Matilda

  1. this is a beauiful cat i love eyes and marking… i really wish i could get her to give her a home…

    • She is a beauty plus a sweet cat and definitely needs a home. I am sure that she would love to come live with you. She can be seen at the Roanoke Valley SPCA in SW Virginia.

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