simple backdrop

When I have more than a few dogs on the list and when some of those are black dogs, I like to drag in my painter’s cloth for a simple yet versatile backdrop.  I picked up the largest size they had at the hardware store (about $30) and have used it on several occasions.  I like the way the black dogs show up against the very organic neutral color.  What I didn’t expect was that other colored dogs and multicolored dogs do just as well if not better on the neutral.  I considered dying the backdrop but I really like the organic and natural look.  We secure it with a few heavy-duty clamps around anything that will hold it and instantly we have another choice for changing up the background of the shelter’s play yard.

I make sure not to fold the painter’s cloth in a neat fashion when not in use.  It gets bunched up in a large trash bag for transport.  This gives it the random wrinkles that look so good as part of the background.  And the great thing about the painter’s cloth it can go into the washing machine between shoots.

One lesson learned so far is the placement.  First I attached it to the chain link fence, as that area provides the best natural light.  Too much air came through the fence and a light breeze caused the cloth to flap and flutter too much.  So much that it scared the dogs and they ended up at the opposite end of the play yard.   So we switched it to a solid wall with much better results.  Some dogs take right to it and decide that it is a much better place to hang out than just a bare concrete floor.  That is what Carla did!

Here are two exceptional photos of Carla.  She is a Australian Shepherd that is available – what a great dog!

Update: Carla was adopted May 7th!


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