Eye Boogers and Wild Hairs

As I look through the session of pictures it drives me insane when I have the perfect shot, everything important is in focus and bam big old eye booger right in the corner of the eye.  Too gross to use.

So I am putting together a kit for last-minute grooming….

A wet paper towel for grabbing the most stubborn of eye booger. It is pollen season here in Virginia and it is pretty common.

A slicker brush for getting some of the fluffiest animals at their best.

A pet hair picker upper thingy – sticky roller with the tear off sheets for those animals with goodness knows what on them and of course a few of the loose hairs.  Getting out of the cage and being photographed is somewhat stressful to some of the animals and the instant shedding can go everywhere.

Anything else quick and easy that you can think of to add to my grooming arsenal?  I would love to hear about it.

This is Bianca, eye booger and all.  She is available for adoption at the Roanoke Valley SPCA.


5 thoughts on “Eye Boogers and Wild Hairs

  1. Eye boogers …. you are too funny! That drives me nuts too! (Wild hairs, not so much) I always thought I was the only oddball who gets her panties in a wad when I think I have the perfect picture … only to discover there’s an eye boogie in it. Ug! Thank doG for Lightroom and PS, which is where I usually have to wipe eyes after the fact!

    Nice blog!

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