Rosalinda is a sweet shy pup.  She is gaining confidence everyday and today was her photo day.  She is among the many adoptable dogs and cats (and ferrets and bunnies) at the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

We really had to readjust our strategies to get her to lighten up a bit and lose that worried look.  We stopped speaking at together and moved very slowly.  She found herself a corner wherever we let her go.  And that seems to be part of her normal routine according to her Foster Mom.  Check out her posts about Rosalinda.  Rosalinda has been in foster care to help socialize her and ready her for her new life.

Once she got comfortable in the corner of the box we were able to get a nice face shot.  But we knew there was more for this sweet angel.  So we let her roam freely in the behavior suite.  She slowly began to warm up but still we remained fairly quiet and I stayed low to the ground and let her be higher up on the bench.  She got distracted by the windy landscape in today’s rainstorm and then more importantly by a cat that was taunting her through the window in the next room.  By this time we were able to speak in whispers and very gently.  Rosalinda did just great.  I hope she gets adopted quickly and finds her peace and happiness with humans.

update:  It took a while but Rosalinda finally found her forever home.  She was adopted June 16, 2011.


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