you talkin’ to me?

What is this gal thinking?  “I’m listening.”  or maybe …. “Seriously?”  or perhaps she is just trying to figure out if I really do have a treat waiting for her.  Whichever I just love the expression.

Update: Phoebe was adopted yesterday (4-20-2011) while I was at the Roanoke Valley SPCA.


4 thoughts on “you talkin’ to me?

  1. WOW! I stumbled upon this photo, and what’s crazy is that precious little dog in the picture is actually snoozing away right next to me as I type this. This is a GREAT SHOT OF HER!!!! I would love to get in contact with you – if you have any other photos of her I would be thrilled! I have some pictures of her too if you’d like to see her in her new home! Finding this picture really just made my day. 🙂

    • That is great! You got a great dog there. This has been one of my favorite pictures. I would be happy to share with you. I will send you a separate email.

      I just love happy endings! Thanks!

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