glamor shot

This term applies to either cats or dogs (……  and even rabbits and guinea pigs if you could get them to pose.  Please let me know if you do.)  But when we get a sitting position with the body turned slightly away and the head turned back to look at the camera, then that is what I call the glamor shot.  It is the best position to show off the full body and then still see those beautiful eyes.  The extra credit comes if you can get the tail in too.  I didn’t get it for Butterscotch’s glamor shot but I still liked the way the photo turned out.

To get this effect we get the cat at one end of the box and get their attention at the other end.  By the way, cats don’t usually react like dogs. Their attention is distracted by scratches on the outside of the box or things on strings.

Update: Butterscotch was adopted May 7th!


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