why do I do what I do

As this is my first post for this newly created blog, I will tell you a little about me.  I am not a professional photographer (or writer). I do what I do because I love to be around animals and when our local SPCA shelter asked for a few volunteers to take pictures I jumped at the chance. There is no financial gain in this for me.  I have no aspirations of quitting my day job and starting a photography business.  I enjoy my day job and have worked hard to get where I am. This is my diversion once a week from routine.

I have a dog of my own, and perhaps one day more than one. Zoe isn’t much of a camera hound so to her relief, I have directed attention away from her and to the homeless animals of the Roanoke Valley SPCA.  She still gets her special photo days but just not constantly. I think that is OK with her.

As I begin this journey, I know that I am a good photographer.  With practice I can see my photos getter better all the time.  I love the idea that the photo I take might lead someone to their new best friend. When I look into the animal’s eyes I can see the hope they have for their forever homes. It is my hope that I can capture that.

With this blog I hope to document my journey while volunteering at the shelter.


2 thoughts on “why do I do what I do

  1. I have now looked and read through this entire blog, and i LOVE what you do!
    What a great way to use your talent for something good 🙂 On behalf of all the animals that you help – thank you!

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